It all started when I left the corporate world. I always wanted to try my luck in the field of administration. Service to the society was only a part of the dream. But an even bigger reason was my desire to change things. To change things for the better. For our country.

Until my adulthood the contribution to this cause had been nothing but puny to be honest! I could not wait too long.  I had to risk the comforts and pleasures of early bachelor-hood and devote myself to the preparation of this exam – the exam that we all Indians hail as the mother of all exams – the Civil Services Exams. So I took that leap. And here we are.

This blog will be my pet project. It will be my hobby. I am just a common aspirant like most of you guys out there who’ll refer this blog. Internet has always been my strength. So, I thought, why not exploit it as a hobby! I just want this hobby to be a productive one. To be of some use to others. And especially to all those thousands of freshers who, every year, jump on the bandwagon of Civils preparations only to find out later on that desires and dreams don’t always come to fruition. This blog aims to be a ready reference source for a variety of topics that we encounter during our preparations. It might also give the freshers a general sense of direction towards their preparation.

To be honest, I sincerely believe that one year is ‘just’ enough to succeed in this exam. No excuses here! But most of the times, knowingly or unknowingly, we commit one of following 6 mistakes and the whole year gets wasted:

  • Improper planning and underestimating the time this exam requires
  • Lack of consistency and discipline in studies
  • Improper selection of sources and reading material
  • Not organising the material we already read for easier revisions
  • Underestimating the hard work and memorization that this exam will require
  • Not evaluating ourselves against the competition on a time to time basis

A few further honest tips regarding CSE Prelims that other successful candidates shared with me over the years:

  • Keep giving Test Series all throughout the preparations (Vision, VajiramInsights and GkToday are fairly good test series – all have experienced people setting the questions)
  • Be clear with the game plan before attempting pre: high attempts – mediocre accuracy or low attempts – high accuracy
  • Reading without revision is futile; memorisation is very important
  • One standard newspaper reading is a must
  • Basics must be rock-solid (NCERTS and standard books must be completed)
  • Learn what questions to leave in prelimseliminate
  • While preparing from CSE Pre don’t neglect Mains Preparation and Answer Writing
  • Try keeping your score much above the previous years’ cut-offs
  • Don’t resort to completely blind guesses
  • Self-made notes are of great help during the revision phases

This exam tests your caliber, your resilience, your endurance and your mental strength. But that is only a part of the whole picture. The most crucial thing that we all learn during the preparation phase is about ourselves! It’s true. You learn about your own limits, you learn how to accept defeat honourably and how to bounce back even stronger. You learn more about people, about society and about your own country. All this in itself makes this journey totally worthwhile!

I am a firm believer in the power of the Human Will! And I sincerely believe all those aspirants who had been successful all over these years had at least two things in common: “One, they all had the unflinching desire to succeed and two, they had complete faith in their own own abilities.” After all, if you don’t have the courage of your convictions, you’ll never reach your goals. So with this in mind let us begin the journey. This blog will unfold on its own in the due course of time. Let’s see what it evolves into. ATB to everyone!

Purpose of the Blog:

1. Kill the hype.


2. Prioritise. Organise. Simplify.

3. Save money.

So with these 3 basic objectives in mind let us see what this blog evolves into….And sorry for the regular format changes that I keep on experimenting with in my blog posts. The blog and its contents are getting streamlined now, on a post by post basis. 🙂